The BRAND was born to help WOMEN express their spirit through YARN’S CREATIVITY


Each knitwear creation is an expression of emotions: unique like a small work of art that becomes the symbol of the woman who
wears it.
Everything starts from the YARN. In many myths is associated with female power, as in the myth of the three Fates: weavers who
through spinning, weaving and the one who cuts the YARN symbolize life and death, rebirth.
This brand was created to connect women of all ages and ethnicities to create a tribe that give life to the power that is in each of us,
without social stereotypes.


CONTI CAMILLA is a recycling brand founded on the theme of SLOW-FASHION and produced in Italy. Each piece is assembled in a unique way. The entire collection is made with excess production.
The laboratory, where our handmade products are born, is in the Tuscan production area.
The material get from waste leather goods and knitwear companies, to give a second chance to the raw materials that have not been used by the companies.
Recreate ART TO WEAR from waste that is reborn through the woman who wears it.
Innovative, authentic, genuine and sustainable, trying to find a solution for a more sustainable and creative future.